Who is your MAGCON boyfriend

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Some people are in love in MAGCON and they love how the fun and exciting it is. They love to yell and jump and have fun. MAGCON to some people think is a bunch of baloney but really its a way to show who you really are in the inside....AWESOME!!!

Do you know what MAGCON boy is right for you...MAYBE all of them come on and find out with yourself it will ask you some question and all of this crazy stuff but at the end you will see who you are meant to be!

Created by: liliyornelas

  1. What are you the most...
  2. What does your friend's name start with?
  3. if you wanted your next boyfriend to play a instrument...what instrument do you want him to play
  4. What is your most used social media...
  5. What is your favorite color
  6. If you have to go to a island what will you bring...
  7. Who do you love the most...
  8. What is your favorite flower?
  9. Choose a song you like the most...
  10. Who is your favorite MAGCON boy?

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Quiz topic: Who is my MAGCON boyfriend