How well do you know Magcon?

Magcon, as you probably know is a famous group of viners/youtubers. They're personalities are infectious and what's not to like about that?

How much do you know about Magcon? Will you ace this quiz like the superfan/fangirl you are? Or are you simply a fake fan or a newborn? Find out with these simple questions.

Created by: defyingdivergent

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  1. Who is the creator of Magcon?
  2. Which pair has been friends the longest?
  3. Which members are currently trying to get Magcon back together? (as of July 23rd 2015)
  4. Which member is known for their eyes?
  5. Who sings the song 'She Bad?'
  6. Which member(s) live on Lake Norman?
  7. Which member hates pickles and coffee? (kinda random but deal with it)
  8. Where was the first Magcon event held?
  9. Which member is NOT involved with making music
  10. Which member did not leave Magcon for 26mgmt?
  11. Which Magcon member was involved with a lot of drama lately via twitter and a certain video leaked of theirs that was very graphic?
  12. Which member is the youngest?
  13. Which member is the oldest?
  14. Which member has an obsession with cars?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Magcon?