who is your hxh boyfriend

so this is going to say which hxh boy you would date this dose not have kilua or gone in it so sorry.i have to fill u space one sec jksjfdnj no go awya mr snow

help me my duck's they ran away i dont know what to do im scared and coled and i dont know how to spell whare am i o god i whant to go home pl!f ok we good.

Created by: mycatisademon
  1. what age are you?
  2. what's your nen type?
  3. who do you want to get on this test?
  4. what is your favorite color?
  5. what is your favorite food?
  6. do you like gum?
  7. what letter dose your name start with?
  8. do you like the test?
  9. if you had power's witch power's wooed you like to have?
  10. just pick your fave number

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Quiz topic: Who is my hxh boyfriend