who is your greek god or godess parent

This quiz is bassed on the percy jackson books. So if you read the percy jackson books this may appeal to you. But this quiz is basicly about who your greek god or godess parent would be if you had one.

Greek gods and godesses control different parts or emotions of the world. They are extremly powerful. By taking this quiz you can find your true power.

Created by: lynn

  1. what do you think of bread
  2. you see a poster for a school play. you......
  3. whats your dream job
  4. whats your fav summer activity
  5. there is a misunderstanding between your friends. you.....
  6. your parents tell you that your are going on a 7 hour flight to paris your reaction is.......
  7. whats your fav animal
  8. your teacher is passing out your report card you expect
  9. what do you think of fashion shows
  10. what does "MEH" mean to you

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Quiz topic: Who is my greek god or godess parent