who is your demigod boyfriend?

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Hello,Crystal here, to say, thank you all for taking my quiz. Anyways, this quiz is for ANY Percy Jackson fan that comes here. So, come one and all for the men of Percy jackson. I worked hard on it, so please, no mean comments, thanks.

K, so, some of then will be random, but mostof then will have meaning, so, if you wwould stop reading this and do the quiz, I would really appreciate it.

Created by: crystal
  1. What is your personality, out of these?
  2. Choose your power
  3. Choose your weapon
  4. Who is your crush
  5. Who is your fav female warrior
  6. Pie
  7. hjriwhdbdje
  8. Respond
  9. Hi
  10. What is your fav colour

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Quiz topic: Who is my demigod boyfriend?