Who are you Sonic Fans Only

There are many of us sonic fans out their so were all like a family around here i guess LONG LIVE SEGA you still have people out their and they are waiting for you.

I leave with a bit of a song All hail Shadow Heros rise again obliderating everything thats not your friend Nothing can stop you now No ghosts to bring you down When theres nothing left to lose you win

Created by: Blaze The Cat of Who are you only sonic fans
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  1. What are your fave power combos
  2. What would be your boyfriends catchphrase
  3. Fave colours
  4. Fave Song
  5. Fave songs♂
  6. Final: Who do you think you got
  7. Who is my worst enemy
  8. Who is my worst enemy ♀
  9. Who is my boyfriend
  10. The last final was a troll who do you think you got

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Quiz topic: Who am I Sonic Fans Only