Who Are You On House md?

There are so many House fans out there (i'm one of 'em) but i wanted to make something for them to enjoy! so i made this quiz. this quiz will tell you which of the lead characters you are on the show.

Are you House, Wilson, Cameron, Cuddy, Foreman or Chase? are you the ulmighty dean of medicne or an underling for the biggest ass this side planet? are you a wild one or timid? take this quiz and you'll find out.

Created by: alyssa

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  1. you're having a hard morning, you were late, you have to do paperwork, you lost your lucky pen and your patient is getting worse from the meds you just gave them, what do you do?
  2. when asked to come in 2 hours early (5:00am ish) what is your repsonse?
  3. you caught the flu while working in the clinc, what happens next?
  4. you come into work to find a box of chocolates with your name on it, what to do?
  5. you are attracted to someone in the workplace what do you do?
  6. your absolute favorite show is on but you have to do 4 hours of clinic.
  7. you pranked someone and you've been caught how do you get out of it?
  8. pickles! (me love em!)
  9. i walk up to you and begin a sarcastic showdown how do you repsond?
  10. you're wasted, what now? ;)
  11. last question, if you could do one thing illegal and can't get in trouble what would it be?
  12. tricked ya! heres the last one! i know your dirty little secret. whatcha gonna do?

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Quiz topic: Who am I On House md?