Who are you Mumma or Roie?

The Harp in the South by Ruth Park has many different characters. Each giving the novel their own flavour, each giving the novel a different perspective to look through.

Are you like Mumma or Roie? Take this quiz and you'll find out what characteristics you have in common with two of the main characters. You might be surprised and learn something!

Created by: murillc
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  1. When money is scarce do you
  2. When times are tough do you
  3. Are you a person
  4. Have you every done something without thinking it through
  5. Have you every been blinded by love, that even reality was blinded
  6. Are you full of hope or scared for the future?
  7. Do you agree there are somethings that your partner shouldn't know?
  8. If your husband was a drunk would you
  9. Are you a little vain?
  10. Is having a partner everything?

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Quiz topic: Who am I Mumma or Roie?