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Hy every one, i't me again and I'm making a quiz a little bit differently than before so I hope you will enjoy my new quiz, you WILL se the defences when you take my quiz.

So how ever I will tell you what's going on, I invited my friends to make a quiz whit me se let's get started why our quiz right now.OK???Oh just one more thing please leave a rating on my quiz.So let's go!

Created by: Hermiony
  1. Hy every one, it's me agin and I invited my friends:Harry,Ron and Hermione.Every one of us will get to ask three questions.
  2. So first up is Harry! Harry:Did you ever say something wrong and you mess up like when I sed Diagonely instead of Diagon Aley?
  3. Harry:So what wand do you think you wield?
  4. Harry:In which house are you, if you don't know just pice the house you think you belong to?
  5. Now Ron. Ron:How much do you like adventures?
  6. Ron:What broomstick is the best?
  7. Ron:What is your favourite movie of Harry Potter?
  8. Now Hermione. Hermione:What is your favourite subject?Me:Hey!I wanted to say that question even dough I knew that was you! Hermione:Oh well what can I do...
  9. Hermione:What potion is your favourite?
  10. Hermione:What do you think who is gonna win in quitich this time?
  11. And now finally me.Do you play an instrument?
  12. Did you ever travel trough time?
  13. How well do you fly?
  14. And now all of us will ask one question.
  15. Now bye!
  16. Every one:What is your favourite animal?
  17. Oh and now the last question of all and my BFF who I invited as well will ask one question.No fence Harry,Ron and Hermione but we bon't get to see echoer so often like me and Emily. Harry,Ron and Hermione:I't ok!Ok so now Emily is up!All rite? every one?
  18. Emily:Hmmmmm…Let me think, what animal/family of animals/ are you most like? Hermione:Wow now that's a good one!

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