Who are you from Percy Jackson

Hey Percy Jackson fans. You might want to know which character you are honestly its pretty cool to say so myself plus its a good thing to do for a personality quiz

So you might be surprised at wahst you get or might not be but I think you might look at the the characters with new eyes after taking the quiz and be honest or it wont work its my first quiz

Created by: Audrey Isaak

  1. Ok brace yourself I am going to ask your favorite color out of these
  2. You see someone being bullied
  3. Most used tone of voice
  4. Which would you have the most fun doing
  5. Secret Deepest desire
  6. When I fight am
  7. Do you make friends fast
  8. Style choice
  9. Which character is your favorite and please choose personality wise
  10. Who's your least favorite

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Quiz topic: Who am I from Percy Jackson