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There is many books out there, but nothing, I repeat, nothing, that is like warriors of Erin hunter! Dive into the lush woods then into the cats world to find out all about it!

Are you a fan of the book warriors? Or are you under a rock for 100 years?find out by getting your warrior fiends and friends and sing high praises for the best book ever!

Created by: warriorslover122
  1. I was the mate of scourge's half brother. I was friends with dustpelt. Who am i
  2. I was dead before my littermates came to riverclan. I died when we when to find sasha's old housefolk. Who am i?
  3. I am rusty- errr... Firestar's friend. I was sent a prophecy about the tribe of rushing waters. Who am i?
  4. I am blind from right to wrong, I had a murderous backstory. I was bullied by 6 cats. But I showed them!who am i?
  5. ???#1:we are barley's brothers. ???#2:we are the leaders of bloodclan. ???#1&2: who are we
  6. I am a father to tiny,socks and ruby.I had funny rumors about me, like I was killed by a meteorite! Who am I?
  7. When I was a kit, I was fed deathberrys.then I found safety in brakenfur. Who am i?
  8. Last one! Warming:may cause rage quiting. This is my favorite cat, Is a medicine cat, and found out briarpaw's back legs are broken. Who am i?
  9. I was the first cat Firestar met. I was once a kittypet. I had 2 mates. Who am i?
  10. I am the first medicine cat in the lake. I found the moonpool. Who am i?

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