Which YA book would you enjoy.

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Not sure what to read next. Or you really need to find a good book for school or another purpose for a requirement. Maybe you don't know which book you'd enjoy.

This quiz contains fantastic and modern YA books. There is something for everyone's taste. Even if you are reluctant towards reading the book this quiz picks out for you- you'd probably enjoy it so give it a try.

Created by: The book matcher.

  1. Favorite genre?
  2. What aspects do you appreciate?
  3. What type of books do you hate?
  4. What are you in the mood for right now.
  5. What kind of Romance do you enjoy.
  6. Are you in a reading mood.
  7. Where are you right now?
  8. Age?
  9. Any important content requests
  10. What popular books have you read- or similar to what you would? (NOTE)- these books are not included in the results.
  11. Favorite scenery?
  12. Lastly what length do you prefer?

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