Which Wings of Fire or are you?

I made one of these before, it had the first five tribes from wings of Fire. In this one there will be night wings, sea wings, leaf wings, silk wings, and sky wings.

I hope you like my quiz, and there are both male and female results, I think that’s all. Idk lol :P sunlowhgfvhtrvgrevgdvgtrvgtrvgtrgtrvgtgtrjthbbyjfbhbythyf

Created by: Silvershade

  1. Read the beginning paragraphs.
  2. Are you a boy or a girl?
  3. Which tribe would you want?
  4. What would your friends describe you as?
  5. *if you were a leaf wing* would you want leaf speak?
  6. Again, if you were a leaf wing)) sap wing or poison wing?
  7. *if you were a silk wing* would you be in the Chrysalis?
  8. Again with the silk wings)) flame silk?
  9. *If you were a night wing* would you be a chill night wing who likes queen Glory or a rebel?
  10. Do you like music?
  11. Would you want to be royal?
  12. Do you like Peril?

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Quiz topic: Which Wings of Fire or am I?