Which Wings of Fire OC is your crush (For girls) Part Five

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Created by: AstridTheSkywing
  1. "Owww" Silver mist groans (That's you) as she sits up in pain. Her head felt dizzy. What happened?
  2. Silvermist remembered bright lights, Stinging pain in her wrists, Dragons huddled around her wearing white suits. 'So think Silvermist what really happened.' She thought back further, She remembered Starfall dragging her into a closet with tears running down his face. 'And, What?' That memory was fuzzy so she focused. 'Oh ya. Starfall was about to tell me something when... When I was knocked out...' She shot her eyes open and ran. Until five seconds later she banged on glass. 'Where, Why?' She thought stepping back. What's the glass for?
  3. "BEEEEEEEEP." A loud buzzer sounds outside the glass. The white clothed dragons were back. She started to panic, 'What is happening?' She thinks then says aloud. "What is happening?!" She feels a sharp sting on her right arm. She looks at the blood pulling into a needle that was in her arm. "A-a what is thi-s?" She watched curiously as more and more blood and into the needle. 'Hmm the world is silly. I sure am filled with a LOT of that red stuff.' When it seemed like gallons of blood was taken the needle went away with the white dragons. What do you think of this?
  4. (In Currents view) When Current wasn't cracking jokes, he was puzzling over this STUPID MYSTERY! Why in PHYRIA was his winglet group disappearing one by one! Where are they? When will they be back? Do I need to search for them? Are they ok- Something broke Currents trail of thought. "CURRENT!" Something yelled behind him. Oh it was just Droplet, His sort of friend. "Oop sorry, I just got lost in the moment." Current apologized. "Your fine I guess." Droplet says back. "Wondering about Silvermist, Starfall, And Diamondback again?" Droplet asks. Current nods. What do you think Current should do?
  5. (Well if you think he should do something else than this well TOO BAD!) Current sat up, figuring he should do something about them being missing instead of puzzling over some fantasy. "Droplet I was puzzling for a long time right?" Current suddenly burst with words. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeees? Why?" Droplet said stunned by the sudden words. "I need your help, and the others to help me find them! You know instead of moping around." Current said jumping with excitement. "Uhm-" droplet stammers. What Do You Think Droplet Will Say?
  6. "Sure, I mean. Silvermist is my friend I would love to help." Droplet says. "AND the others right? Starfall and Diamond back? You want to save them to right?" Current asks raising an eyebrow. "Uhm- Yes them aswell." Droplet says (Very slowly Current observed). "OK! Well in that case lets go find gather the rest of our winglet to go on a quest to find them! HURRAH!" Current declares, running into the distant fields. "WAIT UP!" Droplet calls after Current. Why do you think Droplet DIDN'T include Starfall and Diamondback?
  7. (In Diamondbacks view) Diamondback was back with her best friend Arizona. They were wondering down the hallways of their poor neighborhood in search of treats. Their moms both gave them three pieces of gold each and they were going to spend them STRAIT AWAY! (Unlike Arizona's sister Dingo which saves all his gold and NEVER spends it). What would you buy if you had a ton of money and NEVER spent it?
  8. "Diamondback admit it." Arizona said waving his talons. "You have a crush on Fowl." "WHAT!" Diamondback yells blushing. "No! EW how could you THINK THAT?" "If you admit it, I'll tell you my crush." Arizona offered. "O-ok. It's true, yes I'm sorry." Diamondback admitted. "Ok, my crush is-" Arizona started but stopped as a loud boom echoed through the market. Dragons ran screaming grabbing all their coins and going. What's happening?
  9. Arizona started running toward the loud boom. "What are you doing?" Diamondback yells to Arizona. "Helping dragons who need help! That sounded like a dragon flame cactus! Dragons could be dying and I could save them!" He called back. "NO!" Diamondback said pouncing on him. "BECAUSE YOU'LL DIE TO!" Arizona suddenly flipped around knocking Diamondback of and ran toward the sound. 'Well now I have to follow him!' Diamondback thought chasing Arizona. Fire was everywhere. Buring down houses, Ashes of dragons were floating in the air. BOOM! Another bomb exploded, The power of the bomb slammed Diamondback to the ground. "ROOOOOOOOOOAR!" Somebody cried sounding familiar. 'Arizona!' Diamondback thought despratly. She scanned the ground finding his limp body. What should she do?
  10. Diamondback runs to Arizona. "ARIZONA!" She yelps as she sees him covered in blood. "Nooooo, I don't know how to fix it!" She roars in frustration. Arizona takes Diamondbacks talons in his as he coughs. "Diamond, I-I didn't tell you who my crush was yet did I-" Arizona pauses suddenly to cough, Heart. Hacking. Coughs. With bearaly a whisper he says. "My crush was... You." Arizona finishes pulling Diamondback into a kiss. Arizona goes limp in Diamondbacks talons. She cries over his dead body. Suddenly, Diamondback is pulled out of her dream, Realizing tears were dripping down her face. Where is she?
  11. CLIFFHANGER! MWAHAHAHA! (These answers have no effect on your score)

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Quiz topic: Which Wings of Fire OC is my crush (For girls) Part Five

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