which wings of fire kingdom, tribe and queen will you have?

hello this is one more quiz from lakshya [me] please take this quiz for ur king dome and queen pls take this quiz "Which wings of fire tribe are you most like? another quiz from me.

so guys this quiz contains SPOILERS pls read the jade mountain prophesy first fully and finish darkness of dragonsonly them you can take it otherwise it's open!

Created by: Lakshya

  1. first off all what do you feel like doing?
  2. which super power would you like to have?
  3. which charecter?
  4. if your home was destroyed who will you ask for help
  5. who do you hate the most [be honest]
  6. if you had enough scales to buy something what will you buy?
  7. which SUPER POWER would you have?
  8. which scroll will you read?
  9. color?
  10. queen?

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Quiz topic: Which wings of fire kingdom, tribe and queen will I have?