Which werewolf are you


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Created by: Jack Hatchback

  1. Why do you have your nickname
  2. Time to start the story
  3. You wake up and
  4. You eat breakfast. When you’ve finished, your werewolf burp is...
  5. Your fur is:
  6. You go out for a run through the forest, then pass into the small town. Your run is for the:
  7. You need to pee badly so run through the town and:
  8. You run around the town but get a very familiar feeling. An attack of the munchies.
  9. You can’t resist and end up biting a human man. You
  10. You go to Mr James’s farm and he finds you some chickens to eat. Your stomach is:
  11. Mr James offers you some more food. Your mind says:
  12. But your mouth says accept. You eat so much chicken that your stomach brushes the floor. You only stop eating when your stomach is the size of a:
  13. After your feast you’re feeling:
  14. As a wolf you are
  15. As a human you wear
  16. What does your name have in it (if more than one, whichever one is closer to the start)

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Quiz topic: Which werewolf am I