Which Voltron Legendary Defenders Character are you?

I’m happy that you’re taking my quiz, I hope you enjoy taking it. This quiz is to see which character from the Dreamworks cartoon titled “Voltron Legendary Defenders” you are or relate to most.

This quiz is just for fun, don’t be offended by the results. I’m not saying your result is who you actually act like or relate to. I do however hope that you’re satisfied with your results :))

Created by: Haidyn
  1. Choose a colour
  2. How do you confront someone who is bullying your friend?
  3. Choose a colour
  4. How do you confront someone who’s been bullying your friend.
  5. What’s your favourite thing to do in your free time
  6. How do you react when someone makes a rude comment towards you?
  7. What’s your favourite animal?
  8. Do you watch anime?
  9. What’s your favourite movie genre?
  10. What’s your favourite subject in school?

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Quiz topic: Which Voltron Legendary Defenders Character am I?