Which Villain would be your Parent?

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Each villain has a story. But what would it be like to be a VK (Villain Kid)? Which Villain would your parent? Would you be daughter/son of the Evil Queen? What about Jafar?

Well, take this quiz to find the answer. I didn't add all the villains, but the villains I did add are some of the most popular ones. So um, yeah. That's that.

Created by: CarlosDeVil
  1. Would you want your parent to treat you kindly?
  2. Choose one word to describe you:
  3. What would you do if you were invited to go to Auradon Prep?
  4. Your idea of a date?
  5. Choose a color pair:
  6. Would you want to be a royal?
  7. Choose an item:
  8. If you had to choose to be bad or good, what would you choose?
  9. Choose a villain (hint: you CANNOT get these villains as a result):
  10. What color of flames do you think looks best?
  11. Favorite animal?
  12. Choose a villain quote:
  13. Would you want minions?

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Quiz topic: Which Villain would be my Parent?