Which videogame is perfect for you?

Are a videogame Nerd but cant decide on a game! I can help you on this perfect quiz! We will help you and i hope you guys are satsified with all of the results!

We have a quiz where it would calculate your perfect videogame! We will put our microchips togther to find the game! GO GAMERS GO AND AS ALWAYS GAME ON!!

Created by: Gamer X

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you injoy exploring!
  2. Do you love to kill to earn money?
  3. Do you love defending the land from monsters like dragons?
  4. Do you have a creative mind!
  5. Do you play on console or pc!
  6. Do you like living a life in a city withing games like Gta!
  7. Are an adventurer?
  8. Do you love to trade?
  9. Do you like portals!
  10. What is you favorite Genre?

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