Which Video Game Series are You?

There are only so many good video game series out there. :( Too Bad. But there are some like Left 4 Dead and Final Fantasy. (ETC. There are some more)

DO you love video games? If so check out this quiz! It has results like Final Fantasy and Wild Arms. Find out what video game series you are today, right now!

Created by: januscascadewa3
  1. What do you like alot?
  2. How many characters do you like to play with in a game?
  3. What weapon would you fight with?
  4. What Do You Look For In A Game?
  5. What would be your "perfect" villain.
  6. What would be your "perfect" hero?
  7. What music is your favorite?
  8. How would you take down a main boss?
  9. What Would You Describe yourself as?
  10. Want this quiz to be over?

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Quiz topic: Which Video Game Series am I?