Which Type Of GD User Are You?

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This Quiz Will Determine What Type Of Player You Are. Higher Ranks Are Good. The Worst You Can Get Is Easy. The Best You Can Get Is Extreme Demon. This Took A While To Make Too.

Press The Button That Best Matches You. Remember: Don't Lie. Because Then Your Onky Friend Will Be The RobTop's Pet, The Ban Button. So NO CHEATING!!!

Created by: RedKat47

  1. When Did You Start Playing Geometry Dash?
  2. How Many Demons Have You Completed?
  3. What Version Of GD Did You Start With?
  4. Are You A Troll?
  5. When Did You Get Elected Moderator?
  6. What Is RobTop Planning For 2.2?
  7. Which Moderators Do You Know?
  8. What Is Etzer's Symbol?
  9. Which Update Introduced The Wave?
  10. What Was The First Level Ever Made In GD?

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Quiz topic: Which Type Of GD User am I?