Which Twilight Girl Are You Like Most?

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It is hard to determine a character from just simply answering a few questions. This quiz is just for FUN and does not entirely mean you are most suited to that person :)

Do YOU like Twilight? Well if you do this quiz is for you... especially if you want know which girlie from it you're similar too :) will you be a clumsy Bella? or a smart and brave Alice? :)

Created by: Abi Weatherill
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choice of food :)
  2. What style/colour etc hair do you have?
  3. Which guy do prefer? :3
  4. What sums you up most?
  5. Clothing and fashion style... you would choose to wear?
  6. What car would you choose?
  7. Fave sort of climate?
  8. Ideal job, for you or your partner?
  9. Would you like to have kids when your older? Or do you already? :3
  10. Fave animal?
  11. And finally... who do you want to be mostly? :)

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Quiz topic: Which Twilight Girl am I Like Most?