which twilight charater are you ?

there are no real vampires in the world but you can find out ! the twilight which charater quiz are you is made for everyone but if your some one special tell everybody

are you a true twilight charater ? do you have the power to become a vampire ? or will you marry one ? i feel sorry for you you if you become one of the muts ?

Created by: isabella

  1. if you loved one of these six which would it be ?
  2. if you could have any of these powers which would it be ?
  3. where would you go to see your true love
  4. if your true love tried to kill him self what would you do ?
  5. if you seen the vampire you love in your bed room what would you do ?
  6. you want to stay with your true love for all eternitey but he dosen't like the idea of you becoming immortal what do you do ?
  7. if your true love proposed to you what would you do ?
  8. if you and the vampires and werewolves fought the volturi and one of the vampires you love what would you do ?
  9. if you had a choice between marrying a vampire or a werewolf which would it be ?
  10. if you and your boy/girlfriend went on a datw where would it be ?

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Quiz topic: Which twilight charater am I ?