Which Tropic Thunder Character are you?

Tropic Thunder, a controversial modern-day Vietnam War epic. You may know the film, but still, wouldn't you want to know who you would be, and what your outcome would be?

So who are you? Are you who you thought you are, or are you surprised? Did you like the result, or hate it? If you hate it, remember this quiz doesn't know. When you're done, the truth will be revealed!

Created by: Jack Regal

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  1. You're taking heavy enemy fire, what do you do?
  2. Your squad's objective man is down, the rest of the squads in the chopper, what do you do?
  3. You're in the enemy camp, closing in on the objective, what are you doing.
  4. Taking a rest, what are you doing.
  5. You're commander just blew up, what are you thinking?
  6. Favorite colour?
  7. Favourite movie genre?
  8. Choice of weapon.
  9. Your definition of a luxury.
  10. Rating of the movie, Tropic Thunder.

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Quiz topic: Which Tropic Thunder Character am I?