Which Taco Bell combo are you?

There are many Fast Food chains. But very few come close to Taco Bell. How many hours have you spent at a Taco Bell, staring at the menu, trying to decide what to order..??

Do you want to know what Taco Bell combo you are? Why you may ask. Simply because it is fun to know if you were on the menu, how often will people choose you and what is your market value?

Created by: Ganpy
  1. What is the most important meal of the day for you?
  2. Do you think of your breakfast as soon as you wake up?
  3. How do you plan your daily meals?
  4. Can you remember what you had for lunch the day before yesterday?
  5. How often do you snack (in a day)?
  6. Are you hungry now?
  7. What is Beermat?
  8. Is it going to rain today?
  9. Do you think Fast Food chains are being unfairly targeted by the health mafia?
  10. Taco Bell or Chipotle?

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Quiz topic: Which Taco Bell combo am I?