Which swim guy are you?

Hey, this quiz will tell you which guy on my swim team you are! Before you close the page: let me tell you. My swim team is like a reality TV show. You'll definitely want to stick around and see who you get. They're all so unique!

In the results, I wrote descriptions OF THE GUYS. They're the one you were most similar to, but NOT EVERYTHING APPLIES TO YOU. So please don't get offended if there's something you don't like.

Created by: Brielle
  1. You're not going to get offended:
  2. If practice starts at 4:30, you'll be there:
  3. If somebody says something funny, you:
  4. Swim practice is starting in 5 seconds, you:
  5. Coach Charlie yells at you:
  6. This girl(or if it makes it easier for you, think "guy") is flirting with me:
  7. The water's cold:
  8. When your mind thinks, "this is hard", this is your reaction:
  9. Looks-wise,
  10. My view on life is:

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Quiz topic: Which swim guy am I?