Which Superpower would you get

Have you ever wonderd what power you could get? Fly, Shape shift, Teleporting, The force or Super strength? Try it here to find out! I hope you enjoy!

So ummm I dont really know what to say now so ummm just filling it up so I can get past this bit! So ummm yeah still typing and ummm please enjoy!!! again!

Created by: Thomas

  1. Do you live near a Radio active power plant?
  2. If you had a really bad headache and you saw head ache pills would you take one?
  3. If a scientist asked you to be a test subject and you would get paid $10,000 would you?
  4. Do you get sick alot?
  5. Do you live near the forest, Dessert or country side?
  6. Which Power would you want from this list?
  7. Which power DONT you want?
  8. What would you do if you found out you had superpowers?
  9. Are you enjoying this Quiz?
  10. Are you excited to see your result?

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