Which Spongebob character are you?

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Which Spongebob character are you? There are many to get. Silly Spongebob, greedy Krabs, smart Sandy? Get one of them and more with this great quiz. Enjoy!

Spongebob is a popular kids show about silly cartoon fish under the sea. However, it's not babyish, it's popular with lots of ages. It has very fun characters. Now you get to find out which one you are!

Created by: wolf_heart
  1. Are you smart?
  2. If you had an annoying neighbor, would you slam the door in their face whenever they came to visit?
  3. Pick a fish
  4. Do you like money?
  5. Do you like to eat?
  6. Pick an object.
  7. Do you work out?
  8. Do you get annoyed easilly?
  9. Pick a place.
  10. Pick an activity.
  11. If you wanted something, would you stop at nothing to steal it?
  12. Are you evil?
  13. Who do you think you'll get?
  14. Which adjective describes you best?
  15. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Which Spongebob character am I?