which spirit animal are you?

ever wondered what animal you act the most like? well, here, you can find out! answer a few simple questions, and each one determines which animal you act most like!

if you decide to take this quiz, thank you, and i hope you're happy with your results. feel free to take this quiz multiple times and change your answers to see what other results you get. have fun with this!

Created by: rachel
  1. you have no plans on a saturday night, you decide to:
  2. which color do you prefer?
  3. would you rather:
  4. (be honest) in school, your grades are:
  5. which good personality traits do you think you have:
  6. which food do you enjoy the most?
  7. how many friends do you have?
  8. if you were given the opportunity, would you go vegan?
  9. do you play any sports?
  10. did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which spirit animal am I?