Which South Park Character Would Befriend You?

This was inspired by a quiz on this site made by someone named Shay. His is probably better. This time around I added some more characters for a total of seven. There are still some I missed that I may account for in a follow-up quiz.

This is NOT a quiz to determine which character would be your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you are looking for that then go read some Wattpad shizz or something

Created by: george

  1. Are you generally popular and well-liked by your peers?
  2. Do you actually care about being popular?
  3. How is your mental health?
  4. What kind of friend(s) do you/did you hang out with at school?
  5. Are you an activist?
  6. Are you empathetic?
  7. What is your family's income?
  8. Are you religious?
  9. If someone gave you $1000 what would you do with it?
  10. How is your social life?
  11. Do you swear a lot?
  12. How gullible are you?
  13. Do you enjoy hanging out with your friends on weekends?
  14. Are you athletic?
  15. Are you close with your family members?

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