Which Soul Eater Character Loves You? (Girls Only!)

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Hi! This is my first quiz so, please be nice about it! I love you all and hope you like your results! My friend Ariston wants to make one for boys, so I might. If I do, check it out!

Well, get going on the quiz! I don't have all day to make you happy! By the way if you get Soul Eater Evans, He's mine. So don't think he actually loves you, right Soul? Soul: Yeah. The creator is my girlfriend! Creator: Thank you Soul! Soul: You're welcome.

Created by: Yumiko Uzumaki of Which Soul Eater Character Loves You?
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  1. Creator: What's your favorite color? *hides behind Soul*
  2. Creator: Ok, Soul, Do want to ask a question? Soul: Sure. What's your dream place to live?
  3. Creator: Do you want to ask a question, Death The Kid? Death the Kid: Not until it's the eighth question! Creator: Ok, how about you Black Star? Black Star: Sure! On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome do you think I am?
  4. Creator: Crona, do you want to ask a question? Crona: S-Sure. If b-black blood w-as c-con-trolling you, how w-would you r-react?
  5. Creator: Stein, do you want to ask a question? Stein: Yes! Do you like to dissect things?
  6. Creator: Do you like the quiz so far?
  7. Creator: Death The Kid, come here! Death The Kid: What? Creator: It's almost the 8th question! Death The Kid; Yes! Creator: How do you react to this?
  8. Creator: Death The Kid! It's the 8th question! Death The Kid: Oh, the symmetry! Creator: Death The Kid! Death The Kid: Right! On a scale of 0-8, how much do you like symmetry?
  9. All: Will you like the quiz? By the way, every single question will effect your answer.
  10. Creator: Love you all for taking the quiz!

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