Which sonic character is your BFF?!!!

Hi im the creator of this Quiz. As to why i made this well...i was pretty much,but i had some fun to make this and i really recommend doing it (Ps. Im required to do this)

I hope you like the quiz and enjoy this too,i spend my time w which I could have been watching my fav. So i hope you get the character you want and...yea bye

Created by: Isabee
  1. What do like to do in your free time
  2. Whats your fav. Color
  3. Do you like running
  4. If you could have a power what would it be?
  5. Your BFF gets kidnapped by Dr.Eggman and everybodys too busy trying to get the citizens out of there just incase, so you do...
  6. If you like someone and didnt know how to tell them or anything about a relationship how would you go for edvice
  7. what do you love more
  8. What are you
  9. What do people say that you are
  10. Who do you think you gonna get?

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Quiz topic: Which sonic character is my BFF?!!!