which song are you

This is a quiz for (how typical) what song are you. I ask you to please answer the questions sincerely. This quiz is awesome well at least I like to think so.:):):)

The songs i've used for my quiz are 2009 songs so there good songs. Have fun!!!!! :) I am awesomer than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):) By the way I AM NOT SELF ABSORBED!!!! Please enjoy my quiz thankyou

Created by: danika
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. favorite color
  2. favorite show
  3. favorite icecream flavor
  4. favorite subject
  5. favorite twilight character
  6. how many best friends do you have
  7. last question favorite name
  8. last last question ;) whats your favorite organ
  9. sorry 2 more questions. What is your favorite animal
  10. whens your birthday

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Quiz topic: Which song am I