Which Green Day song are you?

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Hello this quiz is to see how well you know Green Day and what song you are green day is my favorite band forever and always keep it PUNK always forever!

and keep rocking out to green day and keep it awesome and rocking this stupid word limit is horrid i can't handle this stupid crap or should i say dookie all puns intended

Created by: Ruby S

  1. How long have you listened to Green Day?
  2. What is the best Green Day album?
  3. Who Are the Green Day Members?
  4. How Big of a Green Day fan are you?
  5. How well do you think you did?
  6. What is your fave song?
  7. When did you first listen to green day?
  8. Favorite member?
  9. Favorite Song?
  10. And Last favorite Color?

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Quiz topic: Which Green Day song am I?