which slendytubbies character are you

about slendytubbies, here is my first SLENDYTUBBIES quiz, there are six results, I probably wouldn’t want eight results, yah thats it, be sure to check my rules

rule 1: be truthful. rule 2: always read informative paragraphs. rule 3: rate quizzes at all times. rule 4: comment if you see mistakes (not the results like saying it's not true). rule 5: comment your results at all times. rule 6: always like a quiz if you like it. rule 7: read the last paragraph. thats it ok?

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  1. who's your favorite character in slendytubbies?
  2. Your favorite color?
  3. Imagine: you found tinky winky (infected)
  4. Imagine: you were walking in the city and you bumped into po(not infected) and then walten(INFECTED) came and is gonnakill you
  5. Imagine: everyone was infected in the slendytubbies world and you got teleported into it
  6. Imagine: you saw lake dipsy swimming in the lake, you were peeking from behind a tree then he spots you
  7. Imagine: you herd that ticking sound from po(infected)
  8. Imagine: you were laa laa(not infected) in the past(precisely when the custard machine was fixed and po was offering you custard) what would you do
  9. Imagine: you were of course walten! and then some weird things pop up, good bad evil regretful, you choose (answer)
  10. did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which slendytubbies character am I