What you would look like in One Piece!

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Hey my first quiz it's gonna be good and I personally put some funny results but if you don't know who a character is google them when your Done!So come aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams together we will find everything that we're looking for.there always room for you if you wanna be my friend.Merry I miss you!!

Of you are mot happy with your results retake the quiz and pay 123 berries I owe Nami a dept so sent me an email with the money! So yeah.See ya wouldn't want to be tou because you have to take this quiz and not know the results.

Created by: Ani
  1. Do you like Sanji?
  2. Do you think that sanji's hot
  3. Do you like zoro
  4. Villans here who do you fight with
  5. Ok my first quiz and how do you like it?
  6. Who's your favorite female one piece character
  7. Ok there's won't affect your score bit who do you think is hot af
  8. Whats your favorite food
  9. Rambam
  10. I love you_

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