which sinful cat are you?

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Sinful cats are cats in cursed images, they're hard to explain but they are basically just cats being sinful, no one knows where they came from or why they're there, but they are. They are the cryptids of the meme community.

In this handy-dandy quiz you will (finally) be able to figure out which sinful cat you are! that's right anyone can be a sinful cat! you just have to take this short quiz to figure out which one you are.

Created by: Rowan

  1. what is your personality?
  2. what is your best skill?
  3. what's your favorite food?
  4. how are you feeling?
  5. what do you wear when you go out?
  6. what's your favorite color?
  7. on a scale of 1 one to 10 what color are oranges?
  8. have you enjoyed this quiz?
  9. how do people come up with so many questions?
  10. bye!

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Quiz topic: Which sinful cat am I?