Which season 6 Queen are you?

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Hey this is a quiz to see which of my favorite season (season 6 duh) queens you are. Will you be Laganja estranja, or my favorite Bianca Del Rio. I love you guysssss.

You guys are valid. Keep being awesome. I can’t respond but pls pls pls comment and rate. I love making quizzes. uwu jghdhhedhydeahhdcshywdehhsdbchyhwehnhn happy pride

Created by: Bellatrix lestrange

  1. Pick a color
  2. Pick a drag queen name
  3. Are you gagagagayyyy
  4. Who’s your favorite queen?
  5. Pick the word that describes you best
  6. Do you like Michelle Visage
  7. Have you seen the “I feel very attacked” moment?
  8. Are you an introvert?
  9. Will you comment
  10. Hey did you know that you are valid

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Quiz topic: Which season 6 Queen am I?