which riverdale girl are you

this quiz is made because i love riverdale i wanted o show the girls, and Keven, and see who you are. comment who you got and ill tally the votes to see most common one.

if you found anything misspelled or grammatically incorrect please comment and ill fix it. im serious i suck at spelling so help me bye commenting. thanks hope you enjoyed

Created by: Rafael
  1. which color do you prefer more
  2. what do u describe yourself as
  3. which are you/will you be/where you in high school
  4. how old where you when you had your first kiss
  5. how do u describe your bestie
  6. have you ever gotten drunk
  7. are you...
  8. im.....
  9. it wont effect it, but who is your favorite girl from riverdale
  10. lastly, are you single

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Quiz topic: Which riverdale girl am I