Which Regular Show Character are You?

We all Probably Know The Cartoon Network Tv Series Regular Show That has a new Episode like Every Monday.Do You Wonder What Character You are? Do You Like Watching it,You Will Find Out Soon!

Do You Like Finishing Your Job or Slacking Off. Do You A Lot Of Friends and Are You Shy?If You Take My Quiz You Will Find Out So Wait Just a Minute So Enjoy The Quiz

Created by: Sherry

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are You Quiet?
  2. Do You Like To Complete Your Job?
  3. Are You Shy?
  4. Are You Old (55 or Older)?
  5. Can You Drive?
  6. Do You Have a Love Interest?
  7. Do You Like To Prank People?
  8. Do You Like To Tell Jokes?
  9. Are You a Slacker?
  10. How Many Friends Do You Have?

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Quiz topic: Which Regular Show Character am I?