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Hello, everybody first of all I would like to give you a nice warm-hearted welcome to GoToQuiz.com. Where you do interesting quizzes to make you feel good.

Are you nicki,2pac,will,eminem or buster? in a few minutes you will find out by taking this brilliant/amazing quiz so far! if you want to you. but please just try it keep your cool!!!

Created by: Tyena Grant

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which is ur signature colour???
  2. what celebration do you love most???
  3. which song is the best?
  4. who do you hate most?
  5. what body part do you love most?
  6. how do u react when ur challenged to any kind of battle?
  7. what's a joke?
  8. choose a snack.
  9. which movie is something that's so good you'll never forget it?
  10. last but not least? who is the bestest rapper?

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Quiz topic: Which rapper am I