Which Princess are You? (Not all included)

This quiz may be boring for the wild video game players out there, but I have created this with my time and effort, so hopefully you like it! The answers will be based on all the character traits of the few princesses I have put in.

In this quiz, you will be given questions with multiple choice answers. Please be as mindful as you can and as honest as you can when answering the questions; PICK THE ONE THAT -S-U-I-T-S- YOU THE MOST. After all questions are completed, you will find out which princess you are.

Created by: TheWritingGeek
  1. If someone needs your help, you:
  2. When you're at school and its lunch break you:
  4. Would you call yourself a/n:
  5. If you won something big, e.g. international on your passion, would you:
  6. Do you like to sing/do you like music?
  7. What would you describe yourself as?
  8. When doing homework, do you:
  9. Random, but how early do you wake up?
  10. How late do you sleep?

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Quiz topic: Which Princess am I? (Not all included)