Which Powerpuffgirl Character Are You?

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Are YOU ready to find out your character!!! I am! You should too will you have powers.. Three daughters... Own a city... Be a secretary??? Well I hope you will love the quiz it took me some time to make it ._.

Well we are halfway!!! We will soon find out your TRUE character, BUT if you weren`t honest in this quiz your character might not be true, well we are there! So long in your FABULOUS RESULTS! *3*

Created by: Arleth
  1. Are you girly?
  2. Do you color too much?
  3. Do you have a secret that annoys people wanting to know?
  4. Are you dumb?
  5. What is your favorite color out of all of these? Pink, blue, and green, other?
  6. Are you mean sometimes?
  7. Are you a hotheaded tomboy?
  8. You hate gross stuff?
  9. Kissed anyone in cheek.
  10. Wished to have powers? (last question)

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Quiz topic: Which Powerpuffgirl Character am I?