Which ppg, rrb, or ppnkg are you

Are you a powerpuff girl are you blossom the leader or are you buttercup the tough one or are you bubbles the sweet one or are you a power punk girl are you berserk, brat, brute maybe

Or you may be a rowdyruff boy are you brick the devious leader or are you butch the border line psychotic or maybe your boomer the loud mouthed dimwit do this amazing quiz to find out

Created by: Humam
  1. Are you a boy or a girl
  2. Whats your favorite colour from the below
  3. What do you want your hair colour to be from the below
  4. What do you want your eye colour to be
  5. Which one of the below is the best hairstyle
  6. Whats your position in a group
  7. Are you evil or good
  8. Which one of the below is one of your personality traits
  9. Who do you hate the most
  10. Are smart or dumb

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Quiz topic: Which ppg, rrb, or ppnkg am I