Which Popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager Are You

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This quiz is about which popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons character are you? The possible character results include Marina, Coco, Zucker, Audie, Raymond, Marshall, Ankha, and Bob.

Ps. Please excuse the fact that there is not a picture on every single question or result. I hope you enjoy taking this Animal Crossing: New Horizons quiz!

Created by: Bre
  1. Do you focus on how people look or act?
  2. Are you typically energetic and hyper?
  3. Is caffeine your thing?
  4. Do you think getting things done is the right way to go?
  5. I'm kinda naive sometimes...
  6. Being nice to everyone is good!
  7. Do you keep up with fashion and trends?(Like getting Raymond on your island!)?
  8. Do you snack often? (Like Bob/Zucker/Sherb/Stitches!)?
  9. Are you a bit quirky sometimes?
  10. Can you be a bit snooty?

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