which pokemon trainer are you (sun and moon test)

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I love pokemon! Do you like it? Anywho take this quiz to find out which pokemon trainer are you. But just be carful for Sophocles. Please. Comment!!!!!!

Please keep in mind that for some reason goggle keep correcting me🤬. Comment for more quiz. (I never get comments so be the first) hope this quiz go viral (cause I not gonna share)

Created by: LUNA

  1. who is your favroite trainer
  2. are you a girl or boy
  3. what is your favroite color
  4. what is your favroite thing to do
  5. (if you had one) what would be your pokemon
  6. What is your dream goal
  7. 4 more! What is your LEAST fav food
  8. The countdown starts! 3 more! What is your fav va-ca spot!
  9. 2 left! Have you took one of my quizzes before
  10. Last one! Did you like this quiz
  11. Bounes question! What have most of my quizzes been about

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Quiz topic: Which pokemon trainer am I (sun and moon test)