Which PJ Character Are You?

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I hoped you like this quiz about which Percy Jackson character you are! This might be my only quiz but I hope it was a good one that people liked a lot.

Author's Note: I live in Georgia with my mom, dad, and fourteen yr old bro. I've had two fish but sadly they died.I've gotten into Greek Mythology over the school year that's to my friends at school.

Created by: Minecrafter102
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite Color
  2. Would You Fight With Kronos
  3. Favorite God/Goddess/Titan
  4. Life or Death situation?
  5. Favorite Hobby
  6. God/Goddess you want as parent?
  7. "¢This will not affect the quiz!"¢ Do you have the app Pocket Writers?
  8. "¢This will also not affect the quiz"¢ Have you read the story "War's Rescue" by me,Skull Face, on Pocket Writers?
  9. "¢This won't affect the quiz"¢ Do you like Greek Mythology?
  10. Hope you had fun with this quiz! It was made by an eleven yr old!

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Quiz topic: Which PJ Character am I?