Which Outlast character are you part 2

This quiz us based on video game to see witch character your most like in Outlast and Whiseblower DLC and best match your personality of course and it's only for fun so don't take it seriously or personality ok it's just a quiz.

U researched someone of the characters details and okayed both of the games to see there personalitys and match them with questions and answers to what I best think works on the quiz best and. What suits you and you traits.

Created by: Batsintown77
  1. What's your personality
  2. Your school stereotypical self
  3. What's your job
  4. How do you handle a enemy
  5. Clothing choice
  6. Choose an item
  7. What's your worst trait
  8. Choose a villian
  9. Choose a weapon
  10. What is your goal

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Quiz topic: Which Outlast character am I part 2