Which Original Camp Minecraft member are you?

Camp Minecraft is a SMP minecraft series on Java Edition. The ones who have been in both Season 1 and 2 are your possible characters. Each person also has their own perspective so check it out on YouTube.

The seven possible results are three of the mayors, two of the forgettable characters, and the two richest players on the server. You can achieve the status of good or bad in this quiz.

Created by: Maya S

  1. Hero or villain?
  2. Favorite letter?
  3. Favorite Vowel?
  4. Do you have a nickname?
  5. Favorite Color?
  6. Did you do any SMPs besides Camp Minecraft?
  7. Do you have a group channel?
  8. Have you ever done something with command blocks?
  9. Did you ever lie to the mayor's face?
  10. Finally, have you managed to trick someone for at least ten of their episodes?

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Quiz topic: Which Original Camp Minecraft member am I?