Which of my warriors ocs are you?

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This quiz will decide which of my Ocs you are. do not copy these cats without giving me credit at least, cause they belong to me. i hope you get the one you hoped for

I will delete this quiz if i see Copyright that i was not givin credit for, as i will not tolerate that, that is not okay, and you didn't make up these cats, i did

Created by: Gracek
  1. Which fur color would you have
  2. which clan would you be (ps. i made up 2 of them)
  3. which postion would you have
  4. which prefix would you have
  5. which suffix would you have
  6. who would be your mate
  7. what would your last words be
  8. what would your kits names be
  9. what would your size be
  10. who would be your killer

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Quiz topic: Which of my warriors ocs am I?